This empty mind


This air

This architecture

This land

This culture of sparrows, dogs and all my mates

This empty mind



Flying high… Diving deep

4th May, MMXVIII

The last straw of a wedded life evaporates in thin air.


Breath-come to me now,

It’s been a long wait

Since I could sense you

Bequeath me your glory


Let me fly high and high

To see the unseen



Waters, come to me now

For I yearn to dive deep in your care

Let me dive deeply and deeply

To see the unseen




Dancing sunlight

In the prism of sunlight

I perceive the path


A solitary wave


Touched me on the shore of a mighty


It’s dancing movement

Enraptures my vision


Weaves the neatly-arrayed petals of

A moonlight-basked



Hearing the waves’ breathe

I’m waiting to

Hear your breath

O, Oceanic waves…

Where your breath shall soothe my

Ever-craving ears

To look past the bygone moments


Walk alongside your meandering movement

Caressing your troughs and crests

Picking up a few blossoms of bubbles

Just here and there

Call me!

Be my host!

Silence of the waves

Hearing a twittering mate

Thanking the blue ocean of sky

Meeting eye to eye the bearded man

Speaking in silence with the words of the “mirage”

Ah! Those ethereal waves-I long for you

Speak to me

In your silence


I will craft my voice

In my silence

To allow the souls to speak

Of the wave

Of mine