Thanking Lawrence in his delight!


Delight of Being Alone

I know no greater delight than the sheer delight of being alone.
It makes me realise the delicious pleasure of the moon
that she has in travelling by herself: throughout time,
or the splendid growing of an ash-tree
alone, on a hillside in the north, humming in the wind.

– D H Lawrence (1885-1930)


Aromatic sands

Whilst the sands exuded plumed scents

My mind contemplated a dreamy voyage

Enrapturing the gaze of the grey-cells

Mingled in the fragrant dust of the waters

Encircling the pod of whales

Chasing the glossy pebbles

Shoving against the jewels of the desert

Absorbing the attention of the cyclops

Away in the chariot of sun-bathed